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About program

Impact Academy is an intensive transformational program that is primarily targeted at civil society organizations, social enterprises and donor representatives. 9 organizations whose motivation is to achieve the greatest possible positive impact on their target group will participate in first year of this program starting in January 2018.

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_About program

This unique six-month program will enable your organization to improve its impact-oriented attitude and, with the help of mentors and experts from the Czech Republic and abroad, to develop its own system of assessing the impact of its activities. Our modules will guide you through some theoretical approaches to impact assessment, practical strategy development, tailor-made tools and indicators.  The program also includes assistance with data collection and analysis – to enable you to apply the newly set up system into the day-to-day practice and strategic direction of your organization. Renowned lecturers with experienced mentors and experts will all be there to address your specific needs within each topic and module, assisting you in transferring your knowledge and skills to the rest of your team.

At the same time, our experts and mentors will help you with presenting your positive impact to current and potential donors as well as to the general public. Impact Academy: Show the Change is here to help you set up better strategy within your organization, show more effectively the social change you that are making, and increase your positive impact in the long term. At the same time, the program will provide you with a budget of CZK 30,000 to ensure your full impact assessment focus – you can use it for internal costs related to impact assessment, additional consultations or other services.  Be among the first nine teams to complete this unique program and become Ambassadors of Good Practice of Impact Assessment for other organizations!

What is the uniqueness about Impact Academy: Show the change?

7 reasons why is Impact Academy: Show the change worth it.

9 great teams

50 hours of impact assessment - both in theory and in practice

Renowned lecturers

Tailor-made programme experience

More than 25 hours to spend with mentors and experts

Countless new opportunities

Budget CZK 30,000 for each team


The Impact Academy programme is part of the initiative of Ashoka Czech Republic – in cooperation with the Institute of active citizenship (‘Institut aktivního občanství’) and with the support of European Social Fund – to put in place the infrastructure needed to develop impact assessment culture in the Czech Republic.  In addition to our annual competition Impact Assessment Award (‘Sleduj dopad!’), we are preparing a new platform for donors and a support site for civic societies. Last but not least, we focus on the education and support of social impact investments.

Ashoka is a prominent international organization that has been searching for, connecting and supporting social innovators since 1980.