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First year of transformational program Impact Academy: Show the Change starts this January. 9 selected organisations motivated to achieve the greatest possible positive change will learn how to improve in measuring their impact and how to increase it. Follow their path.

Why take part next year?
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What is the uniqueness about Impact Academy: Show the change?

7 reasons why is Impact Academy: Show the change worth it.

9 great teams

50 hours of impact assessment - both in theory and in practice

Renowned lecturers

Tailor-made programme experience

More than 25 hours to spend with mentors and experts

Countless new opportunities

Budget CZK 30,000 for each team

The process

Impact assessment here and now. Impact Academy offers you an unmissable chance to reflect on how your organization is changing the world. 6 months, 8 unforgettable sessions and countless new opportunities.

About program

The Impact Academy: Show the Change program is part of the Impact Academy initiative – trigerred by Ashoka Czech Republic and born in cooperation with Institute of active citizenship (Institut aktivního občanství) and with the support of European Social Fund – to put in place the infrastructure needed to develop impact assessment culture in the Czech Republic.  In addition to our annual competition Impact Assessment Award (‘Sleduj dopad!’), we are preparing a new platform for donors and a support site for civic societies. Last but not least, we focus on the education and support of social impact investments.

Registration to Impact Academy: Show the change! is open to every non-profit and contributory organization and to social enterprises that fulfill predefined criteria. In first run of the programme, foundations and endowment funds which, in addition to financial resources, provide direct services to their beneficiaries may also participate.



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